Refund Policy

Digital Mounts specializes in supporting its consumers as much as possible and thus has a generous cancellation strategy.

In this policy:

**Upfront is non refundable.

Cancellations will only be considered if the appeal is submitted within 12 hours of the order being placed. However, the cancellation appeal will not be issued if the instructions have been communicated to the vendors/merchants/execution team and they have started the shipment/work phase.


There is no cancellation of orders issued on the same day delivery group.


We make no cancellations for those products/services that the Digital Mounts marketing team has issued on special occasions/events/deals such as Month End Offers, Coupon Sales, Diwali, Halloweens, Christmas, New Year. These are restricted opportunities/offer/scheme activities and thus cancellations are not possible.


Money that has been charged will not be refunded, even though cancellation is made within 12 hours. We will change the money for a potential order within 90 days.


Any loss of service because of any third party such as hosting, server, photos, content writing, Digital Mounts will not be liable at all. Digital Mounts to make any attempts, when coordinating/linking with them, must be charged at the regular cost of the organization.


In the event that you believe that the product you have ordered is not as indicated on the web or according to your standards, you must contact our customer service department within 24 hours of delivery of the product. The Customer Support Staff will take the necessary decision after reviewing the complaint.


Refund Policy


If you believe that the product you have ordered is not as showed on the web or according to your standards, you must contact our customer service department within 24 hours of delivery of the product. The Customer Support Staff will decide after reviewing the complaint.

Web Design & Development

Web design and web development projects require extensive resources, consumes our time and incurs lot of internal expenses. Therefore once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. Payments for custom design projects (i.e. website designs, individual page mockups and smaller design components within a website, enhancements, additional pages, logo design etc.) and custom development projects (i.e. php programming, WordPress CMS custom development, Laravel projects, WordPress Plugin custom development, HTML static websites, E commerce websites etc.) are made to us in increments as a courtesy to the client as well as discounted for those who agree to pay in full, but if a project gets cancelled, delayed or postponed by the client, then all amount paid will be retained by Digital Mounts and if applicable, an additional cost will be charged to the client for all work completed beyond what was already paid for shall be paid by the client. All projects that are completed as defined as the scope of the work are non-refundable. If client has only paid 50% of the project as down payment and if the project is completed more than 85%, then client should pay the full agreed proposal amount to Digital Mounts, if the project gets cancelled or if the client is not responding within 30 days of completion. No refund can be given in this scenario.

Web Hosting

Web hosting amount paid by the client on an yearly contract can’t be refunded since the payment is made to the 3rd party hosting provider in advance by Digital Mounts and the server is configured as per the needs of the client. Monthly / Quarterly contract can be cancelled by informing us at least one month in advance before the renewal date. Once the account is renewed, client will have to pay for the renewed duration. No refund will be made for the remaining period of hosting contact if cancellation request is made after entering the contract period.

Domain registrations

Domain registrations are not eligible for refunds once booking is complete.

SEO Refund Policy

Digital Mounts will not be liable for refund or guarantee of top search ranking under the following circumstances:


Based on the details you provide us, link building, a part of SEO, is carried out. We will not be liable for any future mistakes if the URLs you supply are inaccurate and there will be no refunds or money-back guarantee.


If the customer engages in any such third party SEO providers, Digital Mounts would not be accountable for SEO outcomes.


The number of times and the rank of the website being on the search list vary and can thus not be expected to adjust the search ranking automatically.


Any adverse impact on the rating related to improvements in the content of the website by the user or third party service company they employ.


We make no promise that our SEO services will show the website of the customer in the top ten search rankings. Know, though, that we work in your best interest and put our best effort into delivering truly profitable outcomes. Our mission is to simplify your life and make your company more lucrative.

***Digital Mounts keeps the right to change the aforementioned refund and cancellation policies at any stage with no prior notices.